Some of the misfits you might encounter on the beach
Former British champion Trev always places well in the European competitions, regularly finishing in the top 5 places.
Trevor's most significant moment of recent years was probably the infamous 'dope' test he had to endure after an event in Belgium last year.  Apparently he came fourth in the race, but first in the dope test!

Trevor Hale - K 16

Neil (Nell) Courtney - K 1
Pierce Brosnan look-alike Neilo, another former British champion has many strings to his bow.  Working within the finance sector allows Neil precious little time to pursue his varied interests which include being Robby Naish's 'main man' in the UK as a partner in Naish Sails (UK), importers of the Maui legends excellent sails and kite-surfing equipment (well I have to grovel - I might get a free keyring or calendar!).  And Neil said not to mention his (rapidly fading) reputation as a 'lurv stud' - so I won't. Oooops!!!
'Mr Speedsail' personified.  Lifeguard, Surfer, King of the Beach, Event Organiser, these are all things which Graham has failed at - no seriously.  Graham is the UK importer for speedsail equipment, and can always be relied upon to explain (yet again) every paragaraph of every rule when it comes to his noble efforts at organising our competitions.  Now was it de la mer de la terre or ...?
Graham Bobin - K 9

Chris Moore - K 3
Yet another champion, Chris runs the Weston Speedsail School.  He is the National coach for speedsail, and can organise training sessions for all groups, large or small, taking people from their first tentative steps on the boards right through to recognised instructor level.  Chris has done a fantastic job in recent years setting up reciprocal events with our friends in Belgium and France, and does a lot to promote the development of speedsailing in the UK.

Definitely not a champion, Mick usually ends most races covered in the sand kicked up in his face by the better sailors.  As the author of the web site he also believes that self praise is no praise so visit the link for more details.
Mick the Flick
Mick Flannigan - K 18

John Britton - K 6
A rapidly improving figure, John will be up the a**ses of the top sailors (not literally John) in the coming season.  The Arthur Daley of the bunch, there is a prize on offer if anyone manages to see John turn up to the beach in the same van at consecutive events.
What can you say about Roger which isn't on his custody record at De Panne police station?  Roger is a keen juggler, stunt kite flyer, folk-singer and all round entertainer  Cruelly nicknamed 'Banana Man' in his outsize (even for him) yellow team overalls, Roger's favourite retail emporium is the intriguingly named 'Cunning Stunts'.
Roger Stratford - K 42

Sam Smith - K 151
A champion in 2001, he might be a junior for now but don't be fooled. You might be surprised to know that this picture of Sam was taken at 3 am in the pub where he can often be found looking after his dear old dad (see K15).
One of the old timers who often likes to sit alone at a table and replay speedsail races from his past using his drinks glasses to represent other sailors. You can imagine what it looks like when he reminisces about races with 100 sailors or more.

Howard Smith - K15

Lee Shirley - K24

What can you say about Lee ? Speed mad, loves a good wipe out (never wipes up though or so I've heard). Ever conscious of the necessary social graces and always worried about his appearance (when this picture was taken he was heard saying "does my neck look big in this ?".
Our first junior champion (you can tell he is a junior because he still has some hair and it is not grey yet, even if it is trying to get away from his head). A little shy as you can see, although he does like to be on the BBC whenever he can.

Luke Barnard - K20

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